Annual Conference
Biomaterials in Medicine
and Veterinary Medicine
12 - 15 October 2023 Rytro, Poland


Dear Colleagues and Friends,

we will once again meet in beautiful Rytro for the Annual Conference of the Polish Society for Biomaterials. It is already the 32nd conference, so we have something to be proud of - our long-lasting tradition and growing community of PSB conference delegates!

We are amazingly proud to announce the 2023 Plenary and Keynote Lecturers: – Prof. Joachim Kohn will start the conference with the opening lecture on "Biomaterials Research in Anticipation of Future Global Health Emergencies", and on the next day he will discuss "Novel Carriers Used in Topical Drug Delivery Systems'; Prof.Aldo Boccaccini will share his perspective on "Ion Releasing Bioactive Materials: Overview of Well-Known and Less Common Ions with Biological Activity for Tissue Regeneration", Prof.  Werner E. G. Müller will talk about "Physiological Inorganic Polymer - Polyphosphate: the Key Driver of Bio-medical Regeneration Processes", and Prof. Gary L. Bowlin will introduce the topic of "Mechanical Characterization of Near Field Electrospun Wind Angles for Bioresorbable Vascular Grafts". We are also very looking forward to receiving your submissions - abstracts for oral and poster presentations. As always, we encourage you to submit full papers to our Society's Journal - Engineering of Biomaterials. Please remember also to reference some recent “Engineering of Biomaterials” papers in your other publications. All of these mean a lot for the Journal and for the whole Polish Society for Biomaterials.

The Best Poster Competition will be organized as well together with a Rapid Fire Session. The prize is always worth fighting for, and the rules can be found here. Besides that, we guarantee plenty of opportunities for scientific discussions, creating collaboration, and expanding research questions. 

Finally, as always, we will have an interesting social program with some regional traditions, stunning-views excursion, morning swims, and fit-all-tastes dancing and singing (your input here is highly recommended). 

We are thrilled to organize another event for you and with you!

Your Organizing Committee
Elżbieta Pamuła
Barbara Szaraniec
Katarzyna Trała
Patrycja Domalik-Pyzik